About ME! :)

About ME! :)... I met my husband when we were 16, we were best friends for several years, got married when we were 20.  I love him so very much and have enjoyed sharing so much of my life, past, and look forward to our future!
I am thankful for his silliness, his craziness, and his love.  He is a hard worker and God has blessed us with a great job for him and made it possible for me to be a stay at home, homeschooling Mommy!
We have been blessed with four wonderful, beautiful, silly, happy kiddos!  I love getting to watch them grow, change, and mature.  I love getting to teach them and love on them everyday!
I love Photography, Homeschooling, being able to be home everyday, teach my children, take care of my home, and teach them about God's love all day long!  I grew up in Willard, MO.  I had 2 wonderful parents that raised me to love God, show compassion to others, to be giving, patient, and forgiving.  My parents were divorced when I was 14.  I now have six parents, seven sisters, six brothers, four nieces, one nephew, and LOTS of grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles... (full, half, step, and inlaws)... I love my big family very much! 

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