Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Hubby! :)

So, I love Duck Dynasty!  I couldn't resist putting the fake beard on him when he was wearing this on his head.  :)  He looks pretty awesome, huh?  I love that their show is so clean, we can watch it as a family and not have to worry about them saying something inappropriate (sometimes you have to worry about that in cartoons now days...)  I love that Mr. Phil and Ms. Kay are so in love and show how marriages aren't perfect but that they can last and be joyful, sweet, and giving for years when God is the center of the marriage.  Ms. Kay is my favorite! :)  I have her bobble head in my kitchen!
Wanted to share this picture too.  It makes me laugh!
My hubby HATES putting any kind of product in his hair but I loved it.
Had to get a pic of his hair this way because he will never do it again. ;)

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